Friday, 28 November 2008

Muzak Pimping: Coheed & Cambria

It's hard to some up 'Coheed & Cambria' to those who are unfamiliar, part of me wants to say metal, another part wants to say prog rock, another part of me wants to say go listen to 'Rush'.  Either way 'Coheed & Cambria' certainly draw a line between music lovers, they are hugely popular, yet you wont see them plastered all over city billboards.  I fell in love with 'CoCa' when they toured their first album with 'Finch', i can truly say that i had never seen or heard a band quite like them, and since then i have had the pleasure of seeing them multiple times.  Much like 'Sikth' 'CoCa' are not for everyone, one defining factor is Claudio Sanchez voice, ive herd people ask is it a joke?  Well friends it isn't, and for those who think it is you truly are fuckpigs, allowing yourself to get lost in one of their albums is an amazing feeling, you just have to allow yourself to take the plunge.

Video for 'Devil In Jersey City'.


Daily Video Roundup (NSFW)

Fruity Dancer Gets Face Pummeled
Whoever decided to stop filming deserves to get his face pummeled as well.

Huge Gust of Wind Takes Snowkiter For Insane Ride
After an extreme ride like that he's gonna need an extreme new pair of underpants.

Tazed While Chugging A Beer
This is all part of a new AA method to help treat alcoholism. Every time this guy goes out his buddies get to taze him if he tries to drink. Everybody wins!


Thursday, 27 November 2008

Artist Of The Hour: Terratag

Not content with just making some sweet artwork, these guys have some pretty cool t-shirts and graphic designs, and they designed the logo for 'Neo' magazine.


Daily Video Roundup (NSFW)

Parkour Idiot Falls 20 Feet Onto Face
This Spiderman will definitely not be getting an upside down kiss from Mary Jane.

Exercise Cable Snaps Douchebag in The Face
Another reason to avoid exercise this Thanksgiving holiday.

Devastatingly Awesome Spin Kick Knockout
His opponent's one weakness turned out to be devastating spin kicks to the head. Who knew?


Monday, 24 November 2008

Illness Is FUN FUN FUN!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

Ive been ill for a fucking week now an im just starting to feel better, so i promise ill get back to putting up posts just as soon as my ass stops leaking.  That is all......

..........This is pretty much what happened.


Thursday, 20 November 2008

Daily Video Roundup (NSFW)

Dumb Drunk College Stunt Results In Face Smash
If any of these kids are engineering majors they deserve to be failed on the spot.

Young Skateboarder Crushes Nuts Badyl
Parents please remember to have your skater kids spayed or neutered!

Perfectly Executed Faceplant Off Bike Jump
Are you all alright??? Are you wheezing in pain because you feel great right now?

Angry Drunks Attack Bartender
Even the bartender needs to get served sometimes.

Insane Taekwondo Knockout Face Destroyed by Kick
I'm not really sure who won this match, it's too close to call.

Face Smashed in Bad ATV Jump Attempt
If drunk rednecks are able to walk away from an ATV weekend with only a broken nose and dislocated collar bone I would call that a win.

Skateboard Nutshot Makes Kid Cry Like a Bitch
His dad makes the same noise every time he wakes up and realizes that his son is a queer.

Rollerblader Fence Jump Stunt Goes Really Bad
At the Mexican institute of illegal immigration all sorts of new fence jumping methods are being tested every day.

Skater Knocked Out Cold by Fire Hydrant
When skaters get thirsty they really need to use their heads to find some water.

Smashed UFC Fighter Knocked The Hell Out in Bathroom
Some belligerent UFC fighter has had so much booze that he is literally down to his last 5 brain cells. So he asks a 205 pound buddy to help him finish the job.


Wednesday, 19 November 2008

More Pause For Thought

After Monday's top 5 unowned films list, i feel compelled to do another, this 5 computer games (it dosent matter if you own them or not)!  Now i must completely revert back to as i wrote these awhile back for one of my 'Super Hot Profile' questions, but they still stand true today, with a little change of course.....

So here we go, in no particular order.......

1.)  Super Mario World 2:  Yoshi's Island aka 'The Greatest Game Ever Made EVER!!!'

2.)  Star Wars:  Knights Of The Old Republic

3.)  Deus Ex

4.)   Half Life 2

5.)  The Legend Of Zelda:  The Windwaker

Again i'd love to know of anyone else's top 5?