Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Top 10 Christmas Films

Every year there are Christmas movies on TV, and every year i watch the same ones, so ive decided to compile together my top 10 favorite Christmas films!  

(Honorable mention goes to 'Die Hard 2' and 'Lethal Weapon')


Daily Video Update (NSFW)

Quick And Brutal Knockout Punch at Concert
This guy goes to all Britney Spears concerts and does this to every guy he sees as punishment for not standing up to their girlfriend.

Showoff Gets Icy Faceplant
Just stay down there you're gonna want to ice down the swelling.

Crazy Iraqi Man Throws Two Shoes at Bush
Honestly, who throws a friggin shoe?


Friday, 12 December 2008

Artist Of The Hour: Drew Struzan

Ok people, you may not recognize his name, but your sure as shit gonna recognize his artwork!  This man is responsible for just about every single one of the most kick ass posters created since posters began!!  Just check out the few ive hand picked from his website-of-greatness, 'Indiana Jones', 'Star Wars', 'Blade Runner', 'Back To The Future' the list goes on!!  This man created the modern poster as we know it, his posters are so good that after a few years the term 'Struzan' was used in reference for a style of poster, i would love to have a tone of these hanging all round my gaff, but as most of them are around the $100,000 mark i think ill pass........... 


Daily Video Update

LCD Flat Screen TV Wii Bowling Disaster
If this was my roommate I would be a wii bit angry with him.

Crazy Homeless Santa Scissor Kick
Consequences for being on the naughty list have changed since I was a kid.

Preppy Kid Gets Quick 2 Punch KO in Walmart Parking Lot
Watch for falling prices and preppy douchebags.


Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Who Gives A Fuck About 'Star Trek'?!

Well.....me apparently?!  Ill be the first to admit that im definitely no 'Trekkie', i was always a 'Star Wars' kid (which im now starting to regret!), but this new trailer for 'Star Trek' rocks!  I don't give a fuck about any of the characters, i couldnt care less about how 'True' to the 'Trek' universe it is?!  What i do give a fuck about is how much fun it looks!!!!  JJ Abrams has a knack of making things fun and exciting, he actually made 'Mission Impossible 3' good for frigs sake!!  Check out the trailer below, or click the 'Apple' link to HD!!



Retro Loving: Visionaries

'Visionaries' is another toy/cartoon series from the 80's for which i have fond memories.  The toys were great, and the cartoon and comic series were fun.  But, only now have i realized just how short lived it all was!  I was under the assumption that there were a ton of episodes, a shitload of figures and a mountain of comics.....but no......theres fuck all!!  Only 13 episodes of the cartoon series were ever made, 14 toy figures and 4 vehicles were produced and the comic series was cancelled after only 6 issues!!!  WTF PEOPLE?!!?  If i ever become the mad, brilliant and sexy billionaire that ive been telling people i will in the future, im gonna invest as much money as it takes to bringing 'Visionaries' up to scratch!!........and spend a bit on some kind doomsday device?....hmm


Daily Video Update (NSFW)

Another Nasty Arm Wrestling Accident
My bones are so brittle, but I always drink plenty of Malk...

Trash Talker Gets Shut up by Quick One Punch KO
Their accents are thick but apparently their skulls are not.

Quick And Awesome One Punch KO in Vegas
After herpes and abortions concussions are the third most popular thing to give a stranger in Vegas.


Friday, 28 November 2008

Muzak Pimping: Coheed & Cambria

It's hard to some up 'Coheed & Cambria' to those who are unfamiliar, part of me wants to say metal, another part wants to say prog rock, another part of me wants to say go listen to 'Rush'.  Either way 'Coheed & Cambria' certainly draw a line between music lovers, they are hugely popular, yet you wont see them plastered all over city billboards.  I fell in love with 'CoCa' when they toured their first album with 'Finch', i can truly say that i had never seen or heard a band quite like them, and since then i have had the pleasure of seeing them multiple times.  Much like 'Sikth' 'CoCa' are not for everyone, one defining factor is Claudio Sanchez voice, ive herd people ask is it a joke?  Well friends it isn't, and for those who think it is you truly are fuckpigs, allowing yourself to get lost in one of their albums is an amazing feeling, you just have to allow yourself to take the plunge.

Video for 'Devil In Jersey City'.


Daily Video Roundup (NSFW)

Fruity Dancer Gets Face Pummeled
Whoever decided to stop filming deserves to get his face pummeled as well.

Huge Gust of Wind Takes Snowkiter For Insane Ride
After an extreme ride like that he's gonna need an extreme new pair of underpants.

Tazed While Chugging A Beer
This is all part of a new AA method to help treat alcoholism. Every time this guy goes out his buddies get to taze him if he tries to drink. Everybody wins!