Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pissing Myself

I simply cannot tell you how funny i found this, i pretty much had to sit back and just laugh my ass off for about 10 minutes, the fact that im dedicating a post to a single video is proof enough!  The website it's on is totally NSFW, but i employ you to check this out, make sure you watch to the end, it's quite possibly the best BMX trick ive seen!

It doesn't offer the option to embed so it's gonna have to be a link, and the title isn't as bad as you think!


Mels Triumphant Return

Why isn't this real?!


Monday, 16 February 2009

Welcome To City 17

Well bugger me, ive spent years thinking it would be sweet if someone made a 'Half Life' movie.......and now they have!!!..... kind of.  'The Purchase Brothers' (yeah ive not heard of them either) who made adverts for 'Coca Cola' and 'IPhone' decided to make both 5 minute shorts entitled 'Escape From City 17' parts 1 and 2 for a mear $500!!  The shear fact that they gave it a shot is credit enough to them.....the fact they actually pull it off is staggering!!  Part 2 isn't out yet, but ill post about it when it is!  Below is a link to their website along with a link for a HD download! enjoy!

HD download.


Friday, 13 February 2009

Oh dear god......

I aint gonna say anything other than watch this bootleg version of the new 'Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen' trailer.................christ


Thursday, 12 February 2009


The trailer for Tarantino's 'Inglorious Bastards' is finally here, and bugger me if it isn't a cracker!  Ill watch anything this guy does (even if it does take a frigging age to come!), especially when it involves a throat scarred Brad Pitt demanding 'Nazi' scalps!!



This could very well be a hoax, as Michael Bay himself said that he would personally put out a tone of 'Fake' 'Transformers:  Revenge Of The Fallen' info, but this one seems more plausible!  God i hope it's real, i can't tell you how badly i want to see this thing destroy shit!!!


Monday, 9 February 2009

Artist Of The Hour: James Brashall

Ok, a bit strange this, i have this guys artwork in a folder on my harddrive but i have no idea where or when i got it?  not only that but i can't seem to find anything by him online?  Maybe he's some kind of spiritual artist, who sneaks into peoples harddrives and leaves his mark in neatly named folders for all to see?  All i know is his names 'James Brashall' and he's pretty damn good!  


Video Roundup (NSFW)

Chris Jerico Punches a Female Fan Goes Berzerk

Psycho Girlfriend Breaks Bottle Over Boyfriends Face

Kid Gets Knocked Out Cold by Friend


Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Some of you may have heard about a little temper tantrum that Christian 'Batman' Bale had on the set of 'Terminator:  Salvation'?  Well www.tmz.com has posted up an audio file of said rant, an man it's a doozy!  Apparently Bale was in the middle of an 'Emotional' scene and (still exhausted and run down from all the promotional work for 'The Dark Knight) the 'Director Of Photography' walked around the scene to check a light and got into Bale's eye-line throwing him off?  A little over the top you might say......maybe.........is it funny........fuck yeah!!


He's soooooooooo dreamy.......


Monday, 2 February 2009

Its Happening Again!!!!!!

We finally have our first glimpse at the 'Transformers:  Revenge Of The Fallen', and thankfully it looks just as mental as the first!!  This is the best quality i could find until a proper HD download!!


Video Roundup (NSFW)

Fast Food Kid Crushes His Nuts on Frying Pan

Speeding Biker Hits Car Flies Like Rag Doll

Sailor Knocked Out Cold by Boom