Friday, 30 January 2009

Artist Of The Hour: Nathan Ota

With a psychedelic twist to all his images, and a hat colour scheme that's not far off 'Where's Wally?', 'Nathan Ota' doesn't fail to impress me.  He's got a fluid style, and not to mention he likes drawing robots!  Not really much is known of him, i can't find any books on him and the info on his site is simply CV style, but if anyone spots some of his work throw it my way!!

Video Roundup (NSFW)

Bad Start to Female Cycling Race

College Basketball Player Stomps Oppenent in the Face

Cute Coworker Chair Jump Fails Miserably


Monday, 26 January 2009


I cannot believe i haven't written about this sooner!?  'Black Dynamite' is an upcoming 'Blaxploitation' film starring the massively underrated 'Michael Jai White'.  To say that the trailers for this film are good is an insult to the film itself......they fucking ROCK!!  Watch em, love em, and wait for a release date because 'Sony' just bought the rights for distribution!!  I employ you all to check out the Red band Trailer first! 

Red Band Trailer (NSFW)

Green Band Trailer (SFW)


Daily Video Roundup (NSFW)

Snowboarder Stream Jump Failure

Malaysian College President Punched in Face During Speech

Insane Psycho Bitch Lady Screams at Neighbor


Saturday, 24 January 2009

Hey Kids It's Video Game Review Night!!! (Mad Clapping)

Tonight i review 'Prince Of Persia' for the Xbox 360.


Cartoony freerunning frolics.


My 974th Weakness.......Art Books

For as long as i can remember ive loved conception art and, well, art in general really?  With various posts on 'Artist Of The Hour' it dawned on me yesterday that i am fully addicted to art, from comics to making of books, art prints, posters and graphics, i fucking love art!!  The amount of time i spent in Uni traversing to "Borrow" artwork from talented fooks for my own pleasure is a testament to my "Addiction".  The reason i say it dawned on me yesterday was because i blew £40 on an 'Art Of Metal Gear Solid' book on like it was nothing, no thought of the amount just........i need it, therefore i must buy and own it......simple right?  Anyone got anymore they want to throw my way my wallet needs a little emptying?


I was lucky enough to get the rare-as-golden-pubes 'Half Life 2:  Raising The Bar' art book for £65 about 6 months ago as it's been deleted, it's now between £110 to £160!

Guess Who's Back!?!.........It's Me You Clefts

After a long departure from blogging (and a fair bit of nagging from some folk) comes the first update in over a month.....a MONTH i hear you cry!?!  But why, why the long wait??  Why no updates until now?!  Why am i asking myself these questions when I of all people already know?!  Who knows, but when we do know perhaps people will start blogs of their own and write about how we now know?

Until then however, have a 'Daily Video Roundup (NSFW)'!!!!

Wine Bottle Head Break Does Not Go Well

Skinny Kid Cant Get up From Knockout

Russian Parkour Kid Roof Jump Epic Failure

Frustrated Skater Slams Board - Owns Self


Anyone ever noticed how much Coleslaw ROCKS?!  Seriously, i only just realized!