Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Life!Death!Prizes! Music Video

After much time waiting to film the final pieces, it is done!  Its up on www.youtube.com in HD!

or you can watch a shitty embed.....



Split-Screen said...

Fuckin A man. Super impressed as always. Also, is it just me or is a Dean Skyrme 'look' emerging? Not like fuckloads of kids walking round with the glassesbeard combo, but in a Michael Mann sort of way. Also, also, Tookey has way too much talent. Make him give me some. Song kicks ass too. Kid sounds just like the fella from Reuben (r.i.p).

Irkin Invader said...

Thanks bro, we are SUPER pleased with it! An saying i have look kicks ass!

An the Kid is Gus's bro Ferg....he rocks

You should check out their myspace page!