Monday, 16 February 2009

Welcome To City 17

Well bugger me, ive spent years thinking it would be sweet if someone made a 'Half Life' movie.......and now they have!!!..... kind of.  'The Purchase Brothers' (yeah ive not heard of them either) who made adverts for 'Coca Cola' and 'IPhone' decided to make both 5 minute shorts entitled 'Escape From City 17' parts 1 and 2 for a mear $500!!  The shear fact that they gave it a shot is credit enough to them.....the fact they actually pull it off is staggering!!  Part 2 isn't out yet, but ill post about it when it is!  Below is a link to their website along with a link for a HD download! enjoy!

HD download.


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Split-Screen said...

Cheers for posting that bro, I ignored it when they posted it on Kotaku, kinda regret that now....

Gotta admire them for doing it for the sheer love of a game. I like nerds.